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Atlas 2 


The big list of new features and bug-fixes that have been added to Atlas 2.

If you have any ideas for things you'd love to see added or have found a bug don't be shy, let us know! 



What's new in Atlas 2?



Master Gain.
Atlas 1 drum kits now appear in Browser.
Map name now shown on UI.
Set map mode (Earth/Galaxy) default in Settings.
Fixed occasional crash on opening 'Packs Online' in Browser.
Fixed bug where sometimes lock button won't show on hover.
Sequencer on/off button tooltip.
Fixed bug where loading really long MIDI files broke the sequencer.
Fixed bug where MIDI files with uppercase file extension wouldn't load on drag-drop.



Fixed bug where individual drum samples in a downloaded pack could not drag-dropped onto Drum Kit.
Fixed bug where dropping an external sample onto a Drum would not clear the 'Low Quality' flag.
Remove Map Sample now works again.
Fixed bug where Favorites set on map would sometimes not save.
Fixed bug where New Kit would clear a drum if the map didn't have that category.
Favorites from Atlas 1 maps are now imported into Atlas 2 maps during conversion.
Fixed bug where hovering over a drum would sometimes not cause the lock or randomize buttons to show.
Fixed 'Select on Trigger' setting not being saved.
Fixed 'Map Mode' setting not being saved.
Right-click to clear sequencer note.
Fixed note timing bug that occasionally happened around 4 bars.
Fixed Map (Earth mode) selected sample not always appearing when selecting via Drum Kit.
Animation system now runs faster, improving general UI performance.
Fixed rare crash that happened after a new map was created.
Atlas 2 Content folder now works be when being synced via Dropbox.
Fixed bug where reloading a loop or drum kit could sometimes cause the Advanced Panel waveform to get stuck.
Fixed Advanced Sample waveform zooming when sample is reversed.
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