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Atlas 2 


The big list of new features and bug-fixes that have been added to Atlas 2.

If you have any ideas for things you'd love to see added or have found a bug don't be shy, let us know! 



What's new in Atlas 2?



Master Gain.
Atlas 1 drum kits now appear in Browser.
Map name now shown on UI.
Set map mode (Earth/Galaxy) default in Settings.
Fixed occasional crash on opening 'Packs Online' in Browser.
Fixed bug where sometimes lock button won't show on hover.
Sequencer on/off button tooltip.
Fixed bug where loading really long MIDI files broke the sequencer.
Fixed bug where MIDI files with uppercase file extension wouldn't load on drag-drop.



Fixed bug where individual drum samples in a downloaded pack could not drag-dropped onto Drum Kit.
Fixed bug where dropping an external sample onto a Drum would not clear the 'Low Quality' flag.
Remove Map Sample now works again.
Fixed bug where Favorites set on map would sometimes not save.
Fixed bug where New Kit would clear a drum if the map didn't have that category.
Favorites from Atlas 1 maps are now imported into Atlas 2 maps during conversion.
Fixed bug where hovering over a drum would sometimes not cause the lock or randomize buttons to show.
Fixed 'Select on Trigger' setting not being saved.
Fixed 'Map Mode' setting not being saved.
Right-click to clear sequencer note.
Fixed note timing bug that occasionally happened around 4 bars.
Fixed Map (Earth mode) selected sample not always appearing when selecting via Drum Kit.
Animation system now runs faster, improving general UI performance.
Fixed rare crash that happened after a new map was created.
Atlas 2 Content folder now works be when being synced via Dropbox.
Fixed bug where reloading a loop or drum kit could sometimes cause the Advanced Panel waveform to get stuck.
Fixed Advanced Sample waveform zooming when sample is reversed.



FEATURE: Similar Samples. See similar samples in the map to any sample loaded in the Drum Kit.
FEATURE: Correct Category. Manually update the category of a sample in the Map or in a Drum Kit.
FEATURE: Maximize Sequencer. Sequencer can now take up the entire app window. Drum waveforms are shown next to each channel.
FEATURE: Samples can now be extracted from Atlas Loop and Drum Kit files.
FEATURE: Atlas 2 for Linux.
FEATURE: ASIO soundcard support in Standalone.
FEATURE: Drag-drop multiple files onto Drum Kit. Hold CTRL/COMMAND to match to current categories.
FEATURE: Map creation. New option to analyze the sample file and folder names for categorization hints.
Map creation: Improved classification of long cymbal sounds.
Advanced Panel: Variation controls now all work with multi-selected samples.
Drum Kit: Output channel settings now persist when loading a new Drum Kit.
Drum kit: Change Drum Kit colours to match the current map. Useful for pack creators. (Hidden option: right-click Drum Kit panel title)
Browser: On an Atlas Loop double-clicking the Drum Kit and Sequence mini-icons will load them.
Browser: Database is no longer rebuilt if changing to an existing Content Folder. (now instantly loads)
Browser: Fixed Sequence Channel names.
Sequencer: Rotate sequence now adheres to Step Size.
Fixed random crash that sometimes happened on first load.
Fixed crash that could happen when saving Atlas inside a preset in Ableton or Studio One.
Fixed bug where category labels in some maps could be too small.
Fixed bug where some category labels would fade in/out at the wrong times.
Fixed occasional crash when Exporting a Loop.



Mostly an important bugfix update but also introduces Native Mac Silicon support and better compatibility with older versions of MacOS.
IMPORTANT Bugfix: Fixed some samples not being categorized correctly. This meant some categories were wrong or some samples were not getting into the map. Maps created with Atlas 2.1 will need a FULL REBUILD (hold shift when clicking rebuild).
Bugfix: Maximize sequencer window is now correct size in 1x8 and 2x8 drum kit modes.
Bugfix: Fixed missing drag image when dragging sample from map or drum kit.
Bugfix: Sequencer 'Velocity always editable' setting now working correctly.
Bugfix: VST3 multichannel outs now working in Reaper and other DAWs. (VST3 only)
Bugfix: Fixed Linux project load/save. (Linux only)
Bugfix: Linux drag-drop to other apps improvements. (Linux only)
Bugfix: Fixed bug where some MIDI files wouldn't import.
Bugfix: Fixed crash that occasionally happened in Reaper when doing an Undo. (may happen in other DAWs too)
FEATURE: Native Mac Silicon version.
FEATURE: Atlas should now run on older versions of MacOS.



Bugfix update mostly for Browser crash.
IMPORTANT Bugfix: Fixed crash that could happen on some Browser functions (eg. deleting an item).
Bugfix: Similar Samples panel was blocking the map from being clicked even when hidden.



 - Feature Update

Feature update: Map Filters and List view
Major Feature: Map Filters panel. Search for samples by name, filter by category, filter by file path.
Major Feature: List map mode. See all samples in a map in a classic style sortable list. 
Feature: Use keyboard up/down arrows to adjust UI controls.
Feature: Use keyboard to enter values on UI controls.
Feature: Solo multiple drums at once.
Feature: Space-bar starts/stops Sequencer. (*standalone only)
Feature: Added Setting to use a different strategy for syncing to the DAW (audio vs timecode). This might improve syncing in some DAWs.
Feature: Improved categorization for samples dropped onto drums from outside the app.
Feature: 'New Sequence' now MIDI mappable in Settings.
Feature: Improved in-app Notification system.
Feature: Exported audio now rendered at the sample rate of the DAW.
Bugfix: Improvements to DAW -> Atlas Sequencer syncing.
Bugfix: Fixed bug where value of 'Shape Curve' control would not be loaded from a saved DAW project.
Bugfix: Fixed issues around lock buttons not appearing/disappearing when they should in 8x8 drumkit mode.



 - Bugfix Update

Recommended bugfix update.
Map Filter - Folder Tree: Selecting 'none' now only unticks the root folders. Makes it easier to select just the sub-folders you want to see.
Map Filter - Text Search: You can now choose to search the FILE name AND/OR the FOLDER name. 
Map List: Hotswap sample into drum slot. Right-click list item or press 'Left Arrow' key.
Map: If a map is has a lot of samples the Galaxy mode dots will now be smaller. Makes it much easier to navigate.
App: Added option to allow Mono output from Atlas. Useful in Standalone when outputting to different Audio Interface channels. (right-click Drum panel header -> Channel Setup -> Mono )
Map: Fixed for occasional crash in map loading code. This crash would also happen at startup occasionally.
Apple Logic DAW: Fixed bug where Apple Logic projects saved with older versions of Atlas in Mono mode would not load.
Linux: Improved compatibility with some hosts.
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