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Atlas 2.5 - Beta

While this beta has been tested by us, it may still have some bugs in it that could affect your normal workflow.

Do not use any beta version if you're in the middle of an important project, please just use the normal release instead.

Please let us know if you find any bug, large or small. Thanks!
If you're upgrading from Atlas 2.3.4 or earlier, this may require relicensing. We've put an extra license on your account for this.
Atlas 2.5.2 - release candidate
What's new?


* Sequencer: Randomize and Lock buttons on the Sequence Channels.
* Sequencer: Rotate individual channel.
* Sequencer: Added '64th' and '64th triplet' grid sizes.
* Sequencer: BPM Modifier for DAW. Play a sequence at half or double the DAW bpm.

* Map Filter - Folder: Now showing number of samples in each folder.
* Map Filter - Folder: Improved ticking/unticking of sub-folders.
* Map Filter - Folder: Much faster indexing time.
* Map Filter - Folder: Entries now sorted alphabetically.

* Map Filter: Much faster response time to changing filter settings, especially 'filter by folder'.
* Map Filter: Right-click filter header to expand that filter and hide all other filters. (nice if you don't have a large screen)

* Export: You can now specify the name of the file/s to export to.
* Export: You can now customize the rules for export folder and file names. eg. include the BPM, put index first, include sample category...

* Map: If 'Select on Hover' is active then Similar Samples will only update if a sample is clicked. This makes everything faster and also easier to not lose a nice sample if you hover back over the map.
* Map: 'Select on Hover' in Galaxy mode no longer triggers on samples that have been filtered out.

* Map: Map List now works with the navigation shortcuts (eg. WASD, hot-swap, retrigger) that are set in Settings.
* Map: 'Use file/folder name as category hint' on by default.
* Map: Added 'Refresh' button to Map Browser for quick rescanning.

* Standalone: Audio/MIDI settings now moved to top of Settings page.
* Standalone: Will now politely ask if you really want to exit instead of just doing it instantly.
* Standalone: Now using native OS windows and window buttons. (ie. close, maximize, minimize)

* App: Small graphical tweaks on the panel alignments.
* App: Resizing can now be done by dragging any edge of the app.

* Sample: All Advanced Sample controls now support multi-selected drums. (especially handy for Choke groups)
* Sample: Shape Release can now be longer. (1.5 seconds instead of 0.65 seconds)
* Sample: Sample start and end positions and fades are now locked by 'parameter lock'. eg. set all the envelopes to very short, paramter lock, 'New Kit' for different sounding glitchy drums.

* Drum Kit: DAW will now show the Drum Category as the Note name. Not all DAWs support this unfortunately. Ableton does not, but Reaper does.

+ various other performance improvements.

Bug fixes

* MIDI Out: MIDI Out now reflects the Drum Kit settings. eg. Using General MIDI or changing the Root Note will output the correct notes.
* MIDI Out: Notes generated by triggering the Drum Pads on the UI now have MIDI note-off events generated.

* Map Filter - Folder: Samples contained in FLX loops and Drum Kits are now handled properly.

* Map List: Fixed sorting issues when samples in different folders had the same name.
* Map List: Fixed bugs where sometimes the position in the Map List would 'jump around' if you were changing things like 'favorite'.

* Map: Fixed bug where samples that have been removed from the Map could still be hovered.

* Sequencer: Fixed bug where resetting BPM would go to 20 bpm.

* Drum Kit: Fixed bug where lock buttons would stay visible after leaving hover in multi-select mode.
* Drum Kit: Fixed bug where saving a kit with multiple different samples with the same file name (eg. 1.wav) could mix up samples.

* Sample: Fixed bugs where sometimes the colours of different components wouldn't update to the sample colour.

* Browser: Fix to force the Browser to rescan the database if the database cache file can't be found.
* Browser: Fixed bug where samples inside Loops or Drum Kits could not be previewed or revealed in the OS.

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