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How to Install a Premium Atlas Expansion

Expansions can be installed via the in-app Expansion Manager.

This was introduced in Atlas 2.4 so please make sure you have that installed.
You can find it here:
Atlas 2 DownloadsExpansion Manager
Atlas Expansion Manager
Website - Expansion listings

1. Purchase Expansion

This adds the Expansion license to your Algonaut account.
Open Atlas Expansion Manager

2. Open Expansion Manager

Run Atlas 2.4 or newer
Open 'Browser'
Expand folder 'Expansions'
Open 'Expansion Manager'
Expansion Manager

3. Install

Select the 'Available' tab, you should see your Expansion. 

NOTE: If you've recently purchased, you may need to REFRESH the listing (button top-right) to see your Expansion as available to install.

Click 'Install' on the Expansion.

OR if you have the Expansion install file, just drag-drop this onto the Expansion Manager.
Expansion in Browser final

4. Enjoy!

The Expansion will now appear in your Atlas Browser 'Expansions' folder.
Need offline installation?
Contact Support
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