Atlas 2 US$ 99.00
US$ 19.00

Redeeming a 

Product Code 

When you purchase Atlas 2 via another webstore, you should receive a Product Redeem Code that looks like this: 

To Redeem Your Product Code:

  1. If you are not logged in already, please Log In or Create an Account with Algonaut.
  2. Navigate to the Redeem Product Code page and enter your code.
  1. Download Atlas 2 from the Atlas 2 Downloads page, and follow the instructions to install and authorize.


If you have any issues redeeming your Product Code, please Contact Support and we will help you.

Product Code vs Discount Coupon

Product Redeem Codes are not Discount Coupons! If you have a coupon (eg. 20% off), then you can apply it at the Algonaut shop checkout in the 'coupon' field. 


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